Peacelounge Recordings presents Chasing The Light, the new album
by Black Zone Ensemble


Dj Nova, Nova Planet Radio Show (GR)
An inconceivably beautiful Afro Latin quality material full of soft percussive rhythms, exotic deep house grooves, sophisticated downtempo sound images, bazaar, soothe chilled, bossa tunes * and sun shocked vibes. 2015 lounge’s Stardom with fresh, classic Peacelounge and rare tunes.

DJ Rahdu Mahdi - (USA)
“Some call it Lounge, Balearic House and/or Nu Bossa, but what Black Zone Ensemble are really all about it…a laid back vintage party sound for adults.” This is the first sentence you read when you visit Black Zone Ensemble‘s Bandcamp page to purchase Chasing the Light. My introduction to Italian writer and musician Daniele Miglietta’s sound was the Bossa/House hybrid, Na Hora Certa (Listen) so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect upon hearing the other 12 tracks on the album. No need for concern however, because although largely unlike my entrance point into the collective’s music, the tracks still bang from start to finish! If I had to make comparisons, I would place it as a cross between Incognito, Koop and Bebel Gilberto, however we only get vocals on the aforementioned Na Hora Certa. Perfect for relaxing with a Mojito or entertaining with a pitcher of Sangria!

Anthony "Aja" Allsop - Ketch A Vibe Radio Show (UK)
This is the follow up to his first release "Life" which was originaly released in 2007.This moves along in much the same way groovey Jazzy Latin nu- beats with a distinct euro it adding to the musical blend.The music sit's perfectly either watching the sun set at Cafe De Mar in Ibiza or just playing it in your car very loud and making your bass bins suffer !!!!! I wont pick out any individual tracks to sing there praise as i cannot they are all so strong,so if you want to nod your head and groove this is your kind of music.


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Life (Album)

The first album by Black Zone Ensemble (16 tracks).
Released: 25 September 2007.
(p) 2007 11/8 Records.

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Sunset Pearls (Compilation)

Ibiza Edition (Compiled By Henri Kohn). Various Artists. Includes the track "Suburban Sunset" by Black Zone Ensemble.
Released: 12 July 2013
(p) 2013 Suna Bar.

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10 Peace (Compilation)

Celebrating 10 Years of Peacelounge Recordings.
Various Artists. Includes the track "The Peace We Need" by Black Zone Ensemble.
Released: 23 March 2012
(p) 2012 Peacelounge Recordings.

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The Peacelounge Beach Club Vol.2 (Compilation)

Various Artists. Includes the track "Bubbles" by Black Zone Ensemble.
Released: 03 July 2009
(p) 2009 Peacelounge Recordings.

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Clubland Beach: Rio Copacabana (Compilation)

Various Artists. Includes the track "Night's Roots" by Black Zone Ensemble.
Released: 14 September 2007
(p) 2007 Clubland Records GmbH.